SKYDIVE SOLO IN the Great Lakes area!

Your accelerated freefall will be a heart-pumping thrill!

Once you've experienced the thrill of tandem skydiving, you may find yourself interested in accelerated freefall. You can learn the fundamentals of skydiving by taking our AFF first-jump course. On the ground, you'll take part in training that will teach you skydiving basics. Then, you'll be taken by plane to a height of at least 13,000 feet, along with two certified and experienced jump masters.

These experts will be alongside you throughout your jump, guiding you through the entire process. You'll be able to deploy your pilot chute, releasing your main canopy. You'll then control your parachute descent back to the ground, assisted by our staff using ground to air communication. Your skydiving experience will end with a safe landing in the drop zone.


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Rule the skies with this intensive 7-Level AFF training course. Great Lakes Skydiving's 7-Level Accelerated Freefall training is exhilarating. Learn the basics through classroom and simulated practice and enjoy several tandem jumps throughout your training. You will also get the chance to demonstrate aerial maneuvers while jumping with your jump master(s).

At each level you will learn and practice new skills: such as exciting the plane, releasing the parachute, turning techniques, back loops, radio assisted landing and more. As you begin to master these skills your jump masters will release you to jump, but remain close to you at all times. You will make your first solo skydive at the seventh level with a single jump master close by.

Complete all seven levels successfully and the sky will be the limit!  You’re now a certified skydiver. Make the Jump…


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it was fun
- bob dillan

THIS is the most phenomenal thing I've ever done - Everything else pales in comparison!! I'm not one of the "kids" so I was a bit skeptical over my ability to do it at first. By the time I stepped foot into the aircraft, the instructors had so well prepared me that everything went off without a hitch. 2 jumps down, 9,000 to go! It will be two weeks before I can make my next jump. The date cannot get here fast enough. Thank you for my induction into the greatest sport on earth!!!
- Laura Wilson

My son and I did tandem skydives for his 18th Birthday. Awesome experience. My son told me it was the coolest thing he had ever done. Thanks to your whole team!
- RIck