Skydiving Aircraft

Your safety and comfort is important to Great Lakes Skydiving

For this reason, Great Lakes Skydiving flies professionally maintained turbine aircraft. Our turbine aircraft (pictured here) are some of the fastest & safest skydiving airplanes available to make your skydive in the Chicago, Madison, and Milwaukee areas!


Chicago Skydiving Photo - Click to Expand!Chicago Skydiving Photo - Click to Expand!Chicago Skydiving Photo - Click to Expand!


Great Lakes Skydiving flies turbine aircraft, 7 days per week from March through December.

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I tankdem sky dived for the first time this past Sat. in Beloit Wi, and it was the most amazing thing I have ever experienced in my life. I can not wait to jump again...I am hooked. My instructor Dan was awesome, I felt very comfortable and safe. He made my jump very enjoyable and memorable!! Thank you!
- Dawn Bauman

We were very skeptical about jumping at first, even though the safety record is undeniably positive, we did not think that skydiving could be such an enjoyable and safe activity. To say that we were surprised with the day would be an understatement. Our family is still in shock at the experience. We are still feeling the buzz!
- Tom G.

What an amazing crew at GLS! We had a blast. I was so nervous and second guessing it until we met the instuctors. Russ was very well informed yet fun and relaxing at the same time. Everything was top notch! Can't wait to come back! Thanks everyone
- Nick Fredrick