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SOLO SKYDIVERS - AFF (Accelerated Free Fall) - Skydiving Class

Great Lakes Skydiving offers the most advanced method for teaching students how to skydive, Accelerated Free Fall. This program includes 25 skydives and teaches you all you need to know to get your Class A USPA license. No experience is necessary, however completing a tandem skydive before beginning AFF helps to build background knowledge before training begins and often increases your confidence (which helps you succeed)!


All reservations for AFF classes must be made by calling Great Lakes Skydiving at 312-757-4454.


A student begins with 5-8 hours of ground school, so prepare a full day for your first AFF experience. Class topics include:

  • Equipment
  • Aircraft
  • Freefall
  • Canopy
  • Emergency Procedures

Upon completion of the course you will complete your jump, weather depending. You will exit the aircraft with two licensed instructors who will help stabilize you in freefall and be there until you deploy your canopy. You will be responsible for landing the canopy yourself but an instructor will be on the ground to help guide you down via radio control.

Each level you complete builds new skills and will prepare you for group skydiving with other experienced jumpers.


**As per the USPA requirements, 1 jump must be made within 30 days of the last jump to remain a ''current'' skydiver. If past 30 days, a refresher course and a repeat of the LAST level completed will be necessary.

Uncurrent? Please call manifest at 312-757-4454 to discuss a proper time for you to come out for a recurrency class.


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