Organizing a large group at Great Lakes Skydiving is made easy through our online reservation system.

More friends, more fun (and bigger discounts)!

Organizing a group has never been so easy! At Great Lakes Skydiving, we have taken all the work out of organizing your group. There are two simple ways to add friends and help save your group money! A group of 5 saves $250 over all. Larger groups save even more, and organizers can jump for as little as $0.

We understand that collecting deposit money from friends can be cumbersome and down right frustrating. Read below to find out how easy it is to book a group online.


Starting Your Group Reservation

To start your group, simply choose a day and time and book online here, or call our reservation specialists at 312-757-4454. You only need to put down one $50 deposit under your name to start your group, don't worry about your friends yet.

Please keep in mind, until your friends have made a $50 deposit, their appointment is not being held. Groups need to book in a timely fashion to ensure that we can accommodate everyone. Please book no later than 2 weeks before your appointment date for weekends, or 1 week before for weekdays.


Adding Friends

Once you place your first $50 deposit and set your time and date, you will receive an email confirmation letter. In this email, there are two ways to add your friends.

1. Forward them a copy of the email you received from Great Lakes Skydiving. There is a quick link your friends can click on, which will take them to our online booking system. The unique URL code auto chooses your date, time and group name for your friends, so they will be able to add themselves to your group hassle free. Once on our online booking site, they can place their own $50 deposit.

2. Invite friends through Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Follow the quicklinks in your confirmation email that you will receive after booking your appointment. Post your event on your Facebook wall to shout out to the world that you will be jumping out of an airplane! Your friends can click on the event and join your group, placing their own $50 deposits.

3. Make sure your party reserves 2 weeks before the date of your jump to make sure we can accommodate them. Often times on the weekends from July-September Great Lakes Skydiving is fully booked up 2 weeks out! Encourage your friends to book in a timely fashion to ensure we can fit everyone in our schedule.

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