Frequently Asked Questions to help you plan your event.

What are the hours of operation?

Great Lakes Skydiving is open April through October - 7 days a week!

Office hours:

Monday - Friday : 10 AM - close
(9-5 during April/October months)
Saturday - Sunday : 8 AM- sunset

Appointment times available:

Monday - Friday : 10 AM, 11 AM
Saturday - Sunday : 8 AM - 2 PM (every hour)

How do I book an appointment?

You can book over the phone or online. A $50 deposit per person is required to hold space in our Training & Orientation class. The $50 deposit is non-refundable.

If you are organizing a large group, click here!

I have a Groupon/gift certificate/rain check, how do I book my skydive?

If you have a prepurchased skydive, you must book over the phone. Please have the following information ready:
  • Groupons: 8 digit barcode number.
  • Gift Certificates: code located on bottom right corner. 
  • Rainchecks: First and last name of each customer using a raincheck.

Are there age/weight restrictions?

  • Minimum age of 18 years old
  • Maximum weight of 250 lbs for Tandem studen'ts

I booked with a group, will we all be in the same airplane?

We do our best to keep groups together, but there are many factors that must be considered when manifesting students on their flights. Generally, you will jump with at least 1 member of your group if not more. Our plane holds 2-12 tandem students per airplane load. On some occasions, you may end up without any group members in your flight, which just gives you the opportunity to watch your friends taking off in the airplane as well as landing the parachute.

What is the rescheduling policy?

  • You must reschedule 48 hours in advance to be able to apply your $50 deposit, coupon or rain check voucher to another day and/or time.
  • If you cancel less than 48 hours before your appointment, you will forfeit your $50 deposit, Groupon, or raincheck voucher. If using a Gift certificate, a $50 deposit will be deducted from the total value.

What should I bring?

  • Photo ID showing proof of age
  • Comfortable clothes & sneakers (see below for more details)
  • Any applicable coupons or rainchecks (must present at time of skydive in order to redeem). If rainchecks are not presented, you must pay for your skydive again.

What should I wear?

You will be outside in the elements, with weather delays this could be for several hours! Please wear comfortable clothing appropriate for the season. We have jumpsuits available to wear over your clothing for your convenience. Goggles will be provided, and we do have special goggles that fit over glasses.

Shoes: Tennis, running or skate shoes. No heels, sandals, or shoes with hooks.

Cold weather: We recommend bringing gloves and dressing in several layers - Under Armour or Long Johns work great!.

Hot weather: Short shorts and low cut tops can pose problems if you plan to have your experience captured on film. Shorts may also catch you a bright red raspberry on your legs if you have a slide in landing! Many girls choose to wear stretch pants/yoga pants in the summer months or capris.

Jewelry: Do not wear anything that you can't live without. Earrings, necklaces and rings often get lost in free fall and can be potential snagging hazards.

Hair: It is recommended to put long hair in ponytails, braids or other methods to keep it out of your instructors face/mouth. Oddy enough, our instructors do not enjoy mouthfuls of hair.

What time should I arrive?

Please show up 30 minutes prior to your appointment time to get a head start on paperwork. Showing up on time is very important for keeping things moving smoothly at Great Lakes Skydiving and getting you in the air. We appreciate your consideration of others with later appointments by being punctual.

How long should I expect to be at Great Lakes Skydiving?

Weekdays: 2 to 5 hours
Weekend: half day to a full day (6+ hours)

Skydiving centers are the busiest during the weekend and are at the mercy of the weather. Always prepare for the possibility of weather delays. If you have chosen a weekend appointment, be ready to make it an all day event!

If you are part of a large group (8+ people), anticipate waiting for at least half a day on weekdays and a full day on the weekends.

Hint: If you want to avoid long wait times, book your appointment on a week day or at the 1st or 2nd appointment on weekends (7 AM or 8 AM). Customers love coming in when it is not so crowded, and wait times are dramatically reduced.

What can I do while I wait?

Bring blankets, umbrellas, cameras, and picnic baskets!

Bring a book, smart phone, and playing cards as well as outdoor sports equipment (footballs, soccer balls, hackey sacks, etc.). Weather delays can sometimes leave us all staring at the sky for hours and hours!

If you have small children please keep in mind that you will be outside in the elements for several hours without heat or air condition. Long, hot days can be difficult for children. Unexpected weather delays can often catch our customers off guard when bringing out young children. Please keep your children safe by staying within the observation area!

Please leave your pets at home!

What should I eat?

Eat a normal, well-rounded meal before your appointment. Bring snack foods as well to prepare for weather delays. Jumping after not eating can lead to an upset stomach. Weather delays could keep you at our location for hours on end, so make sure to eat before arriving.

Upon checking in at our facility, you will be required to stay within hearing distance of the loudspeakers to listen for your group to be called. Keep this in mind in regards to food. To keep things moving smoothly at Great Lakes Skydiving, you will not be able to leave to get food after checking in.

Great Lakes Skydiving is conveniently located right off of I-94, and there are many food options within 5-10 minutes of our facility (Subway, Wendy's, Culver's, Iron Skillet and more!).

Can I get my experience filmed/photographed?

Of course! You can make this decision while checking in on the day of your appointment. Our professional aerial photographers will accompany you every step of the way. They will document your skydive as well as ground footage before and after your jump. Once you have landed, your video will be edited on the spot. Upload photos instantly to Facebook, and put your video on Youtube as soon as you get home!

Available video packages:

  • HandCam video: Handheld camera operated by your tandem instructor. Includes fully edited DVD for $75
  • Outside video & photos: Dedicated videographer jumps with you and your instructor. Includes fully edited DVD with 50-100 photos for $109
  • Extreme video & photos: combine the HandCam and outside video packages for ultimate coverage of your jump! Includes fully edited DVD with 50-100 photos for $170

One video per person. When you jump out of the airplane, you will be thousands of feet away from your friends. One photographer can't be in two places at once!

Many customers ask for "just one picture" like you would get on a roller coaster. However, we have no floating cameras in the sky to get you this shot! To get these special moments captured forever, a videographer must jump with you and/or your instructor must wear a HandCam.

I have a GoPRO (or other small sports camera), can I bring it with and videotape my own skydive?

No. No exceptions. The United States Parachute Association requires anyone operating a camera in freefall to be a licensed skydiver with a minimum of 200 skydives. It is unsafe for you as well as your instructor to bring a camera with in freefall without proper training.

What if there is bad weather?

Skydivers are at the mercy of the weather. Inclement weather can impair skydiving for an hour, several hours, or sometimes even the entire day. Strong, gusty winds can be a factor as well as cloud coverage, rain or extreme temperatures (below 30 F). Weather forecasts are only forecasts, so we have to wait until the day and time of your appointment to see what the weather will bring.

We are not weather experts. We can only read weather forecasts and make predictions viewing the same information as everyone else. Please do not hold us accountable for weather - we want to skydive as much as you do!

In the case of inclement weather, tandem training classes will still be held at their scheduled times, and you are required to attend. After your class, it is up to your group as to how long you would like to wait for the weather to clear. A rain check voucher can be taken at any time. If you purchased your ticket directly through our company, rain checks never expire. If you have purchased a coupon voucher through a third party, it will still expire at the original date of expiration for the coupon. Rain checks are nonrefundable, however they are fully transferable and easy to use.

Great Lakes Skydiving does not offer refunds for purchases made in regards to weather or other unforseen circumstances. All purchased skydive and video packages will be issued on rainchecks.

No call, no show appointments are subject to forfeiture of $50.00 deposits and coupon vouchers.

I have medical concerns, is it ok to skydive?

Please consult a medical professional regarding any questions you have regarding any injuries or health conditions. Great Lakes Skydiving will not advise you on any health related issues. These conditions could include, but are not limited to cardiac or pulmonary conditions, high/low blood pressure, fainting spells, convulsions, epilepsy, narcolepsy, ear infections, hearing loss, inner ear or sinus problems, nervous or mental disorders, diabetes, back injuries, kidney disease or related disorders, orthopedic problems, alcohol or drug addition/dependency, artificial limbs, recent surgical problems, contagious diseases, subluxation or join dislocation, pregnancy or any other mental/physical condition that might interfere with skydiving. Skydiving with congested sinuses is not recommended.

How do I get to Great Lakes Skydiving?

14046 State Hwy 67
Beloit, WI 53511
Get directions to Great Lakes Skydiving

From Chicago:
I-90W/I-94W towards Wisconsin
Keep left to continue on I-90W following signs for the Kennedy Expressway/O'Hare/Rockford
Take Exit 1 for US-51N/IL-75 towards S Beloit
Turn right onto IL-75E/Manchester Rd
Continue onto WI-67
Great Lakes Skydiving will be located on your right.
You're here!

From Milwaukee:
Get on I-94W
Merge onto I-794W and continue on I-94W
Take exit 305A on the left for I-894/US-45 toward Chicago
Merge onto US-45 S
Take exit 4 for I-43 S/US-45 S
Continue onto Milwaukee Rd
Turn left onto Cranston Rd
Turn right onto Gateway Blvd
Turn left onto WI-67
Great Lakes Skydiving will be located on your right.

Have another question? Please call or email!

P: 312.757.4454
[email protected]

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