There is much to the sport of skydiving. You might be familiar with the following skydiving disciplines.

Sky Surfing

Sky surfing is a very well know skydiving discipline. For some reason however it is not very popular among skydivers. This could be because many skydivers see the 'board' as a unnessecarry addition to their skydive. To fully understand why I guess you'll have to stop by and give skydiving a try.

Free Fly

Free fly is a fairly new but highly popular discipline in skydiving. Free fly is defined as anything but belly to earth - it includes many flying types. Learning to find balance in these different flying types takes many practice jumps. As you fly around the biggest playground available - with the only limit being your imagination - you will truly know why the birds sing.

Relative Work

Known to experienced skydivers as “RW” or “Belly Flying”, relative work is defined as 2 or more skydivers flying relative to each other in a “belly to earth” position. Each jumper uses specific body positions and clothing to assist them in staying relative to a group or another skydiver.

Canopy Swooping

Canopy swooping the making fast landings and flying a long distance along the ground before touching down. Swooping is extremely fun to see. You are more than welcome to stop by at Great Lakes Skydiving, Wisconsin's Premier skydiving center.

Base Jumping

B.A.S.E. jumping in an mainly underground sport of jumping from fixed objects with specialized parachutes. B.A.S.E. is an acronym for 'Building', 'Antenna', 'Span' and 'Earth'. Base jumping only recently became 'main-stream'.


Crew is how we pronounce CRW which is short for Canopy Relative Work. CRW is the art of flying parachutes (Canopies) in close formation with each other, most of the time actually docking with and taking hold of each others parachutes.

Wingsuit Skydive

Skydiving with a wingsuit is allows a skydiver to glide at up to near horizontal flying levels. Do you want to know how it is to fly? Learn to skydive and fly a wingsuit yourself. Or come visit us at Great Lakes Skydiving, Wisconsin's premier skydiving center.

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